Monday, September 28, 2009

The Greener Grass

This past weekend, I was driving through the Oregon country side to visit my mom. It was a bright sunny day. For me, the perfect day for driving through those rolling green hills.

As I whizzed along, I noticed a pasture to my left. In this lush green field was a herd of grazing cattle. I didn't think too much about it, until I noticed two cows up very close to the road I was driving on.

They had their heads stuck THROUGH the barbed wire fence, so they could eat the grass on the other side. OUCH!

I'm not even sure how they got their heads through, but the barbed wire was definitely pressing against their necks on the top and bottom. OUCH! I wondered if they could extract themselves from their predicament, or if they would require assistance from their owner to free themselves. The situation they got themselves into, very well could be something they couldn't get themselves out of!

All this, and they were eating grass that looked remarkably similar to what was within their grazing pasture.

How often do we do put ourselves in harm's way in order to try to acquire something 'better' than what we already have, only to find it is no better (or no worse)?

Cows aren't very conscious. We have an advantage in this area. We can look carefully at the grass inside the pasture and on 'the other side' and make a conscious decision about whether to stick our head through a razor sharp fence to try and get to it!

Most often, of course, this will get us nowhere 'better' - it will only end up slicing our neck open! Then was will be spending time tending to those cuts and healing from our misadventure.

If something really looks 'better' let's try and be a little smarter than the cows with their heads stuck int he barbed wire fence!

Don't be deceived by the 'illusion.'

Think. Discern. Remain conscious. Move with awareness.