Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Called to Silence

Do you ever find yourself being given the same message over and over again via different channels?

I believe that when we encounter something again and again, it is time to pay attention. An important message is trying to come in to our consciousness when that happens.

Recently, for me, I've been getting the message over and over again that I need to meditate! I need to get quiet, reflect and give my mind a rest. I need to cultivate the ability to be still and quiet - no matter what is happening around me.

I used to be a regular meditator. I sat for 20 minutes a day... every single day.

When my beloved kitty, McKenzie died, it was really painful for me to sit and meditate. McKenzie always sat on my lap when I meditated. She was with me for 17 years, and she was an integral part of the meditation process for me. Her absence was bitterly painful for me, for a long time after she died. Every time I sat down to meditate I would bust into tears. So, I stopped meditating.

I've dabbled with it since then, and it is no longer painful for me to sit and meditate. Once I get out of a habit, however, it is tough to get back into it!

Meditation has always been useful to me. During a meditation I feel a deep sense of peace and contentment. Beyond that immediate benefit, however, I find that my overall sense of well being increases and improves. I feel more calm as I move through my days. I am able to roll with the punches more, and allow life to just be, instead of trying to control everything all the time. Meditation has a cumulative, calming and strengthening affect on me. I feel more stable, in general, when I meditate regularly.

Dealing with many challenges recently, I shouldn't be surprised that something has been calling me to meditate! Whether it's my soul, God, the universe, my higher self, my intuition... I don't know. The messages have been coming from all directions - horoscopes, books I'm reading, magazine articles, friends, and even a psychic! Time to stop ignoring the "call to silence!" Something in me desperately needs this practice!

And so... I have recently returned to my meditation practice - and of course the results have been profound and immediate! I'm already feeling more solid, content and relaxed about things. I've let go of some things I was trying to force and control. I feel more at peace.

Is there something calling to you? Do you keep seeing, hearing or feeling the same message over and over again? Pay attention and do yourself a favor... listen!

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