Friday, January 16, 2009

Women and Money

Time to put in a plug to all my women friends out there for something that will rock your world! I'm a big fan of Suze Orman - the current financial guru who is all over the TV universe.

She has a show on cable TV that is really interesting, but the product I want to plug for my women friends is her book, "Women and Money." I absolutely love this book, and think every woman, no matter how financially savvy she considers herself to be, should read and implement the plan presented there!

For some reason, many women struggle to find their footing when it comes to being competent and skilled when it comes to managing their money and planning for their own financial futures. I think we are still playing 'catch up' in this area. I know that although I've been studying money management and investing for a long time, I still doubt myself and my abilities in this area at times. It's actually maddening!

In this book, Suze Orman addresses a lot of the underlying reasons why women struggle in this area. Without applying any shame or guilt, she really busts open the myths around women and money and gives all the tools and information that every woman needs in order to take control of her financial destiny. It's powerful stuff.

She gives a 5 month plan to get you on your financial feet, and to get your life in order!

I must admit, I haven't implemented everything in the book yet, but I'm well on my way!

If you don't already have this book ladies - run... don't walk... to your nearest bookstore (or keyboard) and buy it. If you have it and have not yet read it - grab it today. If you have read it, but haven't started the plan - do it today!

Tomorrow will come, no matter what. Let's be ready, prepared and confident about our ability to meet the future!

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