Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Remembering the Past

For any of you who haven't joined Facebook, I have to put in a little plug. I've been having such a fantastic time on this 'social networking' site! I resisted for a long, long time. It seemed silly and like a waste of time to me. Yet, once I joined and started 'friending' people... and being 'friended' I came to see the beauty of it.

I was convinced to join by a young friend of mine. YOU know who you are! At first I was skeptical, but I'm now a believer.

People have found me that I never thought I would hear from again! I have found people that I've wondered about, but had no idea how to contact before.

I've been relieving memories and laughing more than I thought was possible.

I've always taken a lot of pictures, and armed with a scanner, I've been able to post some old, old pictures from Junior High, High School and college. It's been so funny to get people's comments and reactions to these pictures. We've been discussing our fashion choices, our hairstyles and our wild times. It has been so enjoyable!

Sometimes when we get busy with the responsibilities and burdens of life, we forget that we had more carefree times. We can get disconnected from the joy of innocence, optimism and youthful enthusiasm. I think revisiting these things can infuse a new energy into our current life experience.

Although I worried that facebook would be a 'waste' of time, I'm finding it to be something that reminds me that I've lived a full, rich life. I've made many friends and had amazing experiences. It is helping me remember the value of each and every day, and each person who is part of my life in any way.

We all touch each other in ways that can last a lifetime. Cherish your memories and relationships of the past, and cherish those of today. Make every moment count!

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