Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Friendship Without Borders

My friend Deb Reich, a very special woman, was recently interviewed on "The Story" with Dick Gordon.

She, as an Israeli Jew, was interviewed with her friend Maha, a Palestinian from Gaza about their friendship. Check out the story and tune in to the interview at:


Here is a blurb from the website:

Tuesday, January 13
Friendship without Borders

Maha Mehanna

Deb Reich

Maha Mehanna lives in Gaza, and her friend Deb Reich lives in Israel. Despite the conflict, the two friends have managed to stay in touch, and even support one another.

Like most Gazans, Maha is staying inside with her family, huddling around candles while the bombardment continues. Maha yearns to get out of Gaza, but not just to escape the fighting. Her 14-year-old nephew Mohammed is ill and can only receive the medical treatments he needs across the border in Israel.

Deb and Maha talk with Dick Gordon about how they met, and how both women worry about the fate of Mohammed. Deb says she calls Maha nearly every day, as much as she can, to check in on the family and distract Maha from her fears.

**More photos, and a link to a powerful story by Deb Reich are included in the article at The Story. **

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