Thursday, January 29, 2009

Holes in My Pockets

I've been on a mission lately to fix all the things that are broken in my material world. There are many little things that have been driving me crazy - some for months, some for years! The time has come to fix them or release them.

One thing that had been a problem for a couple years is the integrity of the pockets in several of my favorite jackets.

One jacket, in particular, had such bad holes in the pockets that almost anything I put into my pockets ended up inside the lining of the jacket. Keys, lip balm, coins, you name it - I'd end up with it deep inside the back of my coat. Often I ended up sitting on these things.

I asked a lot of people if it was possible to fix such a problem. The lining of the pockets was disintegrating. It was a leather coat, so I wasn't sure if anything could be done. No one really knew for sure, but most people I asked thought it should be possible. No one really had any idea where I could go to get it done.

Finally, a couple weeks ago, I took the coats into my dry cleaner. They said, "Of course we can fix this!" They had to send the jackets out because they were leather, but there was no hesitation. It was totally possible to fix the problem pockets!

As I sit here today, I'm nestled in one of my jackets. It is the one that had the worst of all the ripped pocket problems. My keys are safely contained in my pocket as we speak. Each time I put something in my pocket, I'm reminded of the dozens of times over the past couple years when I wrestled with my keys or items to keep them from going into the inner recesses of the jacket. Getting things out was also a problem, because the items would catch on the ripped lining and tear it more. I struggled many many times with this issue!

Now... it's DONE. Finished. Resolved. All it took was $10 (for this particular jacket) and a willingness to believe it could be done.

Sometimes small problems can eat up a lot of life force and energy. If you add up all the time it takes to consistently wrestle with one of these issues, it makes a lot of sense to just take a little time and SOLVE it. I certainly learned that with my ripped pockets!

So here's to unholy pockets! What a gift! Sew up yours today!

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