Friday, January 09, 2009

What Qualities Do You Need?

I watched Oprah Winfrey's show a couple nights ago, and Rev. Michael Beckwith was one of the guests. I have a lot of respect for the message that Rev. Beckwith delivers.

This instance was no exception. I was inspired by what he said.

He was giving spiritual advice to a woman who was facing the loss of her family business. She felt like her entire life was falling apart. She was depressed and defeated.

I think many people can identify with this woman at this moment in time.

Rev. Beckwith invited the woman to ask herself the following question (I'm paraphrasing):

"If this situation were to continue for an extended period of time, what 'qualities' would you need to birth inside yourself in order to have peace of mind?"

WOW! What a powerful concept!! What if that is the primary purpose of our hard times? What it it's God's way (or the universe's way) of 'growing' us and causing us to cultivate and birth inner strength and qualities that we need to have in order to live our lives to the fullest?

I know Rev. Beckwith's question hit me right where I live these days. With all kinds of challenges staring me down - I have been feeling a little sorry for myself. This question caused me to pause and reflect with a new perspective!

If it were true that my challenges were calling me to 'birth' new qualities in myself, what would that look like? What would it look like in your world?

I love the idea that we should seek peace of mind, no matter what is happening in our lives.

If the economy stays in its funk for several years, are we all willing to be bummed out for that entire time? We should really rethink that, if it is our position. What a waste of life!

I personally am going to take Rev. Beckwith's question to heart, and work on developing the qualities I need in order to have peace of mind WITHIN THE MIDST of my difficulties!

I hope you'll join me! :)

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