Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Intuitive Flashes

I'm on a 'car wash' kick this week. I have another car wash story to tell. My intuition has been really 'on' lately. I've had several situations where it has proven to be very reliable. You'd think this would make me more likely to listen to it... and obey it. For the most part, that is true!

Last weekend, however, when I went through the car wash I was given an opportunity to use my intuition, and made another choice!

My car sits very low to the ground. I've had problems before with my rear license plate coming loose in car washes. On this particular day, when I drove out of the car wash, I had a strong feeling that I should stop and make sure it was still on and attached securely.

It was a very busy day at the car wash. We don't get many sunny days in winter here in Seattle. EVERYONE was getting their car washed on this particular day. As I pulled out of the car wash I planned to stop and use one of their high powered vacuum cleaners, but all the bays were full. I felt like I should check my license plate, but decided it was just too busy in the parking lot, and I'd do it when i got home.

When I got home I planned to vacuum out the car and complete it's little winter 'spruce up.' I remembered the 'license plate issue' and went to check. IT WAS GONE! My plate was completely gone!

I wasn't sure if it had come off in the actual car wash, or if it had become loose and fallen off somewhere on the 15 minute drive home.

My intuition had tried to warn me. I felt very strongly I needed to check it when I came out of the car wash, but I blew it off.

I spent the next couple hours calling the car wash to see if it was there. They were reluctant to stop the car wash, because it was a busy, busy day! I didn't want to go look for the license plate on the road if it was in the car wash! Finally, after about 3 hours, they called me to tell me they had it! I was about to get into the car when they called, to go look for it on the road before it got dark! I was grateful that they finally stopped the car wash and found it inside.

Our intuition can really serve us! If I had listened to that prompting, I would have discovered the plate missing immediately, they would have stopped the car wash, and I would have left with it in my hands. Instead, I spent a couple stressful hours, wondering where it was, thinking about the process of getting my plate replaced through the department of motor vehicles, and stressing about getting pulled over if I had to drive around for a few days without a plate. All of that could have been avoided if I had simply listened to my intuition.

The good news is... that this experience has strengthened my belief in my intuition. My goal is to trust it more and more as I go along.

Listen to your intuitive flashes. Pay attention. It could really be a gift that is available to you to make your life flow more smoothly!

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