Thursday, January 15, 2009

Warning Stripes Before the Bump

I was recently in Palm Springs and noticed an interesting phenomenon on their streets.

Driving along, suddenly you would see a series of increasingly long lines painted horizontally across the pavement. As you approached it looked something like this:


As you drive along, you encounter the shortest line, then a slightly longer line, then an even longer line, etc. Finally, you encounter a GIANT SPEED BUMP!

The lines painted on the pavement warn you to slow down in preparation for the giant speed bump.

If you ignore the innocuous lines on the pavement, you'll get a good jarring jolt as you bounce across the bump.

It made me think about how often in life we are presented with increasingly noticeable warnings about something before we are finally smacked upside the head with the spiritual two-by-fours of life.

Often the warning messages about a situation, a relationship, a habit, a problem start very subtly and build in intensity as life tries to get our attention.

The lines on the pavement were really hard to miss, but the consequences of not slowing down for them really weren't, well, of consequence. Barreling over the speed bump, however, wouldn't feel good. It wouldn't be very 'healthy' for the car either!

I believe that life often tries to show us when we are heading for a major speed bump. Sometimes we see and heed the warning and slow down or change course. Other times we don't. Life would be a smoother ride if we became more observant of those warning signs and took action when we encountered them.

Got any lines across the pavement of your life? Are they getting longer... and louder? Do yourself a favor: Pause, take a good hard look, and slow down or change course. You'll be glad you did!

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