Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Gaza Suffers

My heart is breaking for the horrors being visited on the people in Gaza. Sometimes I get so frustrated at what most people understand about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. There is so much more to the story than what we see in our media.

One small example, is that foreign journalists are prevented from being in Gaza (by the Israeli government) at present. Why do you suppose that might be? Doesn't it bother anyone when only one side controls the information feed from a conflict? If it doesn't bother us, it should. It should at least cause us to question the information we are receiving.

Until today, Israel denied any humanitarian crisis in Gaza. People there are starving. People there are dying. People there can't get the medical help they need. The "borders" are sealed. People cannot get out. They are surrounded by barbed wire and the sea. It's like shooting fish in a barrel. THESE ARE PEOPLE!

I'm sickened by what is happening there. The state of Israel is perpetrating horrible crimes. If your kid threw a rock at another kid, would his parents have the right to machine gun your child to death? The level of force being used by Israel to shut down Hamas... is out of proportion beyond all belief.

What Israel is doing, in my opinion, is terror at its worst. What Hamas was/is doing shooting rockets into Israel is wrong. The blockade of Gaza (by Israel, supported by the US) that is causing economic collapse, extreme hardship, starvation and inhumane treatment of an entire population is reprehensible (and led to the rocket attacks). No one seems to want to trace the origins of conflict back to the original causation. When you abuse and hurt people (under military occupation and attempts to appropriate their land), they will fight back. Unfortunately this can be violent (which I DO NOT CONDONE).

If we never work on looking at the underlying causes of 'terrorism' we are doomed to the kind of carnage and horror we are seeing in Gaza.

We need to look deeper. The stronger/more powerful force has the larger responsibility to examine its roll. It's really so simple. It makes me incredibly sad that we can't seem to figure this out.

Imagine if you were trapped in a barbed wire lined prison and were attacked by one of the most powerful militaries on earth. How would you feel. What if your child's school was hit by a missile? What if you couldn't get your mother to the doctor as she was having a heart attack? What if you couldn't feed your children? What if your electricity was turned off? What if you had no gasoline for your car? That's what life in Gaza has been like for a long, long time. Those people are simply trying to exist and feed their families. They don't deserve what is happening to them.

Pray for peace, and speak out about injustice. It's the only hope we have for peace.

I apologize for the the photos below. I know they are not my norm. As someone with many Palestinian friends, however, I feel a moral obligation to help expose the reality of what is happening in Gaza. This is not a 'war' between two armies.


This is not what the human race should be about!

Why is this necessary?

Or this?

I have friends who have been taken from their homes and put in
this same situation. For no other reason than they are Palestinian.

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