Friday, January 15, 2010

80 Years Ago Today...

80 Years ago today, my dad was born. Although he passed away over a decade ago, I still like to remember his birthdays and honor him each year.

Me with a cake for my dad on a birthday many years ago...,

This year feels special, because it is big milestone birthday. I try to imagine hat it would be like to still be able to talk to him, hear him tell stories and laugh together. I miss him.

My dad had a rough end of life experience. He was sick and his health was deterioriating for 20 years before he died. It was a hard process for him to go through, and it was a painful experience to witness, for those of us who loved him. He suffered a lot. We all felt helpless and sad to watch his process.

Yet, even with those last many years being difficult, he had lived a life that mattered. He made a difference in my life - not only by being my biological father, but by all he taught me during the years I was lucky enough to have him with me.

I have friends in their 60s who still have both of their parents. I also know people who never knew one or both of their parents, or who lost a parent at a young age. Who knows why some of us get to keep our parents with us long into our mature years, and other don't. It's a mystery. There is no right or wrong about it. It simply... is.

Today I remember my father, Michael Drazdoff. I am greatful to have been his daughter, and to have benefited from the man that he was. With his good qualities, and his weaknesses, he taught me a lot about how to live.

I love you daddy! Happy 80th birthday!

I love this picture. Dad had built this picnic table the day before, and had
just put in a bunch of time working in our garden. He and our dog are taking
'er easy after all the work!