Thursday, January 14, 2010

Honesty and Asking for Help... What a Revelation!

I'm writing from the stormy, awesome Pacific coast. I'm on a trip with a friend visiting one of my favorite beaches. A rain storm is raging, as I sit in front of the huge window looking out, through the evergreen trees at the wild and powerful surf. There is a foggy mist in the air... it is January on the Pacific coast. I love it!

They have special deals at resorts and hotels at this time of the year, because not many people seek to come to the ocean when it is cold and stormy. It is ideal for me! No people, lots of wild life and an experience of the powerful forces of nature. It reminds me that I am not in control, and that there is much more to this existence of ours - than my particular experience of this life.

My friend drove up from Oregon, and I drove south from Seattle. We met 1/2 way between her house and mine. We had lunch on the water in a pretty major city, and then began a quest to leave one of our cars parked safely there so that we could ride together the last 2 hours to our destination.

We tried a 'park and ride' but were shocked to find a gravel parking lot in the middle of the woods. Not exactly a safe place to leave a car for a few days!

We decided to go into a small town and look for a place near a truck stop or gas station. We even considered parking a car at the tiny hospital in the town. Somehow I felt like we were doing something wrong!

My friend saw the tiny little police station and suggested that maybe we should just go in, tell them what we wanted to do and ask for a suggestion about where to leave the car. What a concept! Be honest, make a request, and let it be that straightforward.

That's what we did, and the small town cop was delightfully helpful. He suggested that we leave the car parked across the street from the police station so that he and his fellow officers could keep an eye on it. He took our contact information, just in case anything happened to the car.


We had spent 1/2 hour considering different options before we just went in and asked for help directly. Then, our dilemma was instantly resolved and we were able to relax, knowing that the car was just about as safe as it could be.

We plan on taking the officers a small gift to say Thank You when we return to pick up the car.

What was it in me that felt we were doing something wrong by simply wanting a place to park a car? Interesting. Why did I feel like we needed to be sneaky about it? My friend had a refreshing approach - be honest about what we needed, and ask for help. What was the worst that could have happened? I was impressed with the simplicity of the solution - and the directness. It illustrates something I would like to experience more and more of in my life.

Be honest and ask for what you need. What a concept!!