Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Surfing the Wind

Last week I spent several days on the magnificent Washington coast. I love being at the ocean in the winter time. I always wish for good storms. I love to experience the power of nature (while safely inside a warm room, of course).

As the rain and wind pounded the coast for several straight days, I couldn't help making a comparison between the fury of this outer storm, and the emotional storms that can rage inside us.

Sometimes those inner emotional states seem relentless and without end. That's how I was feeling about the multi day storm at the beach. It wasn't bad when it started, but it got stronger and stronger, and I eventually did grow a bit weary of it. Then, it started to freak me out a bit. That sometimes happen when we are in the midst of strong emotions. Wave after wave comes over us, and the intensity grows.

Watching the wind whip the trees was a bit scary - even for me, the storm lover.

The last morning of my trip, I was treated to an amazing treat. For about an hour, right outside my windows, two bald eagles were surfing the wind currents! They were "playing" in the winds of this crazy violent storm!!

They didn't run away or hide from the storm. They went out into it... to see what use they could make of it. They had the courage, willingness, strength and conditioning to 'enjoy' the storm!

What a concept!

It made me think about how we often feel it's impossible to be happy, or enjoy our lives when 'bad' things are going on... or we are in the midst of a difficult experience or emotional reaction.

I believe the eagles demonstrate a different possibility for us all! The eagles were not afraid of the storm. They found a way to make use of the wind, and have a little fun at the same time!

I believe that we can do that as well!

Even when we are in the midst of difficult life circumstances, or painful emotions, we can realize that the difficulty and the pain are not ALL that is available to us. We can find something in the present moment that allows us a measure of joy and contentment? I believe the answer is... of course we can. Always!

Next time a storm is raging in your life... or your emotions... realize that this too will pass - even if it feels endless. Then, look for SOMETHING that you can enjoy or do in the moment that either makes use of the storm, or at least allows you to experience the storm differently.

Surf that wind!