Monday, January 04, 2010

The Healing Power of Friends & Nature

I spent several fabulous days ringing in the new year with my dear friend Kim in Palm Springs California. We spent our time hiking, seeing movies, and setting goals for the new year.

We really enjoyed each other's companionship and support as we conquered mountains and dreamed of the coming year and all the mystery that it holds for us.

On one of our hikes we encountered an incredible dragonfly who put on a show unlike anything we'd ever seen before. We sat with him for half an hour snapping around 100 photos of the little fellow. He seemed to really dig having his picture taken! We envisioned him saying to us, "I'm ready for my close up..." and "The ladies... they love me!"

I, of course, believe that dragonflies are incredible spiritual symbols. They represent transformation and the ability to live in multiple realms (they start in water and transform into winged creatures of the air). I also believe that dragonflies are messengers from beyond. They can bring us messages from beings who have passed on. I talked with our dragonfly yesterday and asked who he/she might be, and what they had to offer us. Was it my dad? My uncle? Rev. Jack Boland? Dr. Bruni? Maybe one of Kim's parents??

We spent each moment of our time well, and reveled in the renewal and magic of our friendship. What a gift. The appearance of our dragonfly added a sacred and mystical aspect to our time in the mountains. All of it was restorative and healing.

Friendship and nature are two incredibly powerful forces that are available to us at all times. They make life worth living!

I wish for you to have close friendships that lift your spirits and delight your soul... and may you have encounters with nature that amaze and inspire you.

I'll share some photos of my wonderful Palm Springs hiking experiences with Kim and the dragonfly. Happy New Year!

Kim and I at the Murray Hill Summit @ 2200 feet!

What a way to start the New Year!!

Making it to the top - what a feeling!

Kim suggests I might enjoy the shorter route to the bottom of
Murray Hill... and offers me a hand!

Ahhhh..... kickin' back at the top.

And now for the mystical, magical Mr. Dragonfly...