Friday, March 12, 2010

Attitude of Patience Instead of Panic

I've had a really, really long day. I'm in the midst of a massive upgrade of my computing environment. I'm finally moving my two computers (laptop and desktop) off the XP operating system onto Windows 7.

I use around 25 different software products on a regular basis. I use a variety of scanners, printers, phones, handheld computers and music devices. All must 'talk to' both my laptop and desktop computers.

I've had to purchase updates to many programs, and even purchase a few new hardware devices, because the old ones just aren't compatible.

My 'home inventory' system that I've been diligently recording assets, serial numbers, and replacement costs in for 18 months not only won't run but there is no way to even export the data out of it so I can put it into a new compatible program. I'm going to have to re-enter all that data.

It's complicated.

Because it's complicated, I've been dreading this upgrade for a long, long time.

After 16 hours of work today, and around 8 hours yesterday, I'm getting close to being finished. I have two more critical pieces of software to install tomorrow.

I've ridden the roller coaster of emotion the past two days. I've had 5 serious problems. As I worked to address each one, there were moments when I wanted to cry! I felt so certain that the problem was unresolvable. In 4 of the 5, I have now completely solved the problem! I've even learned some extremely valuable things that I'll remember for the rest of my life! That knowledge will help me (and all those I help with computer issues) in a magnificent fashion!

Those moments of panic and pessimism turned out to be completely invalid. The solution did eventually present itself - with persistent, effective trouble shooting skills applied!

As I went through these experiences, I tried to be patient and optimistic. I wanted to have a good attitude! Yet, I slid into despair more than a few times today. Part of the problem is that I'm extremely tired. I took on a huge amount with these upgrades, and gave myself a very short time line within which to accomplish them. Changing operating systems for two computers is just not trivial!

I even sent 'panic texts' for help a few times to knowledgeable friends.

In the future, I hope that I will remember this day. I want to remember that I panicked, didn't enjoy the process, and yet... it all worked out just fine in the end. All my panic, frustration, grumbling, and 'near tears' moments did not help me... in any way. I just lost some joy and peace that was mine for the taking.

Tomorrow, I still have a few tasks to complete before I head out of town for the weekend. I'm going to work on holding an attitude of 'patience' rather than 'panic' if I encounter any problems!

Life is moving right along. Each and every moment, we have a choice about how to resopnd to what is going on around us.

Practice Peace and Patience, rather than Panic and Pessimism!