Monday, March 22, 2010

To Deeply Let Go

I feel so blessed right now. I spent a wonderful day with my soon-to-be 15 year old niece. She's a wonderful kid and I love every minute that I get to spend with her. Her parents were nice enough to let me have her for several days of her spring break this year and we headed to the coast for some 'girl time.'

Both of us lead busy, productive lives, albeit of very different content! We both have a lot on our plates, work hard, and feel a bit stressed at times.

We have been looking forward to a little R&R together for quite a long time!

One of the things that both of us noticed is that time seems to pass more slowly at the beach. It really, truly does.

We arrived at our condo at about 3:30, and got unpacked and settled in. Then we took a nice long walk on the beach. It actually rained on us a bit when we were driving to the coast, but as soon as we arrived here the sun came out and shined on us. Our entire walk was spent under fairly blue skies and sunshine. Dark storm clouds were present over the nearby hills, but they stayed at bay long enough for us to get a nice walk in.

After that we got ready to head to town for dinner. A nice chat over dinner, a walk to the grocery store for a couple last minute items and we headed back to our 'home.'

Once back home, it began to actually rain pretty hard, and the wind picked up. We had ourselves s little coastal storm to watch and listen to.

We spent our evening doing a 300 piece 'warm up' jigsaw puzzle of... a beach scene! Then we each took showers, did our 'facebooking', my niece used the hot wax I brought to give herself a hand and foot moisturizing treatment.

We looked at some pictures on my computer, checked out a couple other area hotels online (for future trips) and now it's time for much needed sleep.

We've only been here for 8 hours, and I feel as though the weight of the world has been lifted from my shoulders!

It feels so good to step away from the hustle and bustle of regular, every day, over loaded life... and just... let go.

My intention for our time together is that we have a lot of fun, do some great sharing and bonding, relax deeply and end our little vacation well rested and ready to return to our normal routines.

I'm glad that I get to help her learn about good self care and taking 'time out.' I've worked a little 'too hard' my entire life. I've only recently learned about playing and allowing myself to have 'down time.' It's still a challenge for me when my 'to do' list is always a mile long.

My niece knows I had a very stressful week and have many things I 'could' be doing to handle some responsibilities that are looming over my head. And yet, I am choosing to let go of those things... be with her... relax... and let go. I love that I am getting to set this example for her, and share this time of presence and connection together.

I think it is important to cultivate the ability to let go and relax... even in the midst of drama, trials and the sometimes overwhelming nature of modern day life.

We need time to recharge our batteries. We need time to just be. We need time to enjoy the company of those we care about without agendas, schedules and pressure.

Finding a way to build 'down time' into each day... is one of the greatest gifts we can giver ourselves, and those around us. We are better when we are rested and at peace.

Let it go... relax... unwind... really rest... and see how much better your life feels!