Thursday, March 04, 2010

March Forth!

Today is a bittersweet day for me. It is each and every year. Today marks the passing of a profound spiritual teacher in my life, Jack Boland.

I met Jack, and attended his church in 1986/87 when I was working and living near Detroit Michigan. Jack is one of two people I credit with the fact that I'm still alive. His teachings literally saved my life when I was going through my recovery from an eating disorder.

Jack was an amazing Unity Minister and spiritual teacher. His enthusiasm and zest for life inspired all who had the good fortune to know him or attend his church. His words of wisdom were a constant beacon of light in the darkness. You simply couldn't listen to Jack without feeling uplifted and inspired. He's one of my heroes and my greatest inspirations! I still listen to him, because I bought almost everything he ever recorded in his many years of ministry!

Here are a few of the principles Jack taught:

There is a spiritual solution for every problem. No exceptions.

Each problem contains the seeds of its own solution.

There are no accidents, only lessons.

Nothing is more important on this earth than the practice of spiritual principles.

These ideas, and many others that he taught, have proven invaluable in my own journey of recovery and spiritual growth.

Jack passed away on March 4th, 1992. Those of us who knew him felt he was leaving us with one final message... to "March Forth" into our lives with courage and conviction.

March Forth!