Friday, March 26, 2010

Backwards & Mismatched

A couple weeks ago, I attended a fun, family party. Our festivities lasted late into the night, and my family and I had to get up early the next morning. To make matters worse, we had the 'spring ahead' daylight savings time adjustment that night! When my alarm went off at 7am (6am to my body) I was thoroughly exhausted!

I hastily showered and got dressed, and prepared to attend a family breakfast get together at a nearby restaurant.

I have a bit of a reputation in my family for being thoroughly organized and 'on top of things.'

Our big group arrived at the restaurant and we commenced our merry making.

One of my relatives makes beautiful earrings and brought dozens of pairs for all the women in the family to sort through. We were allowed to take all we wanted! I am an earring fanatic! This was my idea of heaven on earth!

As I was sorting through the earrings, I moved to pull one out of my ear so that I could compare lengths. I have a 'sweet spot' earring length that I prefer. As I grabbed the earring in my ear, I realized that it wasn't the earring I thought that I'd put on that morning! I took both my earrings out and realized that they were mismatched! I had two different earrings on!

Everyone at the table got a good chuckle out of that.

As we sat there a little longer, I suddenly realized something was irritating the front of my neck. I reached up to investigate what was bothering me... it was the tag of my shirt. I HAD MY SHIRT ON BACKWARDS! Now, this is a bit of trick given that I had a V-neck t-shirt on! I cracked up laughing, showed my brother and a few other relatives (everyone laughed) and I excused myself to the restroom to 'right myself!'

Haven't you had days like that? I was all discombobulated! Mismatched and backwards! That's exactly how I felt. I was tired and not thinking as clearly as I usually do (obviously).

It was good for me for a couple important reasons. The fact that I could laugh about it all was a huge improvement from the 'me' I was years ago. I used to take everything much more seriously. I couldn't cut myself any slack. The fact that I could publicly embarrass myself and laugh about it makes me very happy!

It was also good for those I love to see that I have my 'off days' just like everyone else. No one has it together all the time.

Next time you find yourself 'mismatched' and backwards... just laugh it off and try again!

Don't take it all so seriously!