Friday, March 19, 2010

Let it Bake First

Today I got a distress call from a friend of mine. Her computer locked up and she didn't know how to correct the situation. When she first got her computer, I taught her that under such circumstances, she should depress the power button until the computer shut down.

She said she tried that, but that it wasn't working. The problem was she wasn't holding down the button long enough. They key is, you hold the button down UNTIL the computer shuts itself down. She was giving up too soon.

Often times in life, we give up on something at the critical moment. If we stuck with something just a little longer, we could most likely achieve our goal. Impatience is a dream killer. Impatience is the culprit in many a missed target.

Just like with the computer shut down process, when the computer is frozen, 'it takes what it takes' to shut it down. You have to hold down the button UNTIL it shuts down. If you let the button up too soon, the system will not shut down.Impatience undermines the process of completion.

Think about the process of baking a cake. Let's keep it simple. You buy a cake mix and pour it into a bowl. You add the water, oil, maybe an egg and you mix the batter. Next you grease the pan and pour the batter into it. You place the cake pan into a preheated oven and set the timer. Let's say the cake is supposed to bake for 20 minutes.

What if you decide after 7 minutes that you want your cake NOW? If you take the cake out of the oven at that point you will have a gooey, partially baked mess.

WANTING the cake to be done at 7 minutes doesn't make it done.

It takes what it takes to bake the cake. You have to allow the cake it's full baking time in order to enjoy the results of a tasty, properly baked treat.

Sometimes we forget that principle and we try to rush things in life. We want to achieve goals, meet milestones, or have situations shift on our time table - and we forget that God's timing, or the Universe's timing is often different from our own.

It takes what it takes. Let the cake bake completely before you try to take it out of the oven and
eat it.