Monday, March 15, 2010

Celebrating Life!

This past weekend was a truly great one. Our family pulled off an incredible surprise party for my wonderful Uncle David. He turns 80 this month (although you would never believe it... not for a single second... if you saw him!)

For months we've been plotting and planning this event. We've all been fibbing to David to keep the big secret.

Around 60 people gathered to surprise him and celebrate an amazing and wonderful man.

It was another of those times in life that I was reminded of how wonderful it is to surround yourself with a loving and supportive community (whether they are blood related or not.)

We spend the entire day enjoying each other's company... telling stories... laughing... crying a little and just having a blast!

Sometimes our blood families can be difficult, but we can always create a 'family of choice.' I'm lucky that, for the most part, my family (on both sides) is part of my 'family of choice.'

Here are a couple photos of our fun, fun day!!

The birthday boy himself!

My mom with her siblings- we miss you Uncle Milam!!

My niece, mom and me

Me with my brother and some of my cousins