Friday, March 05, 2010

The Pull of the Past

Many years ago, I was working with my counselor and spiritual teacher, Dr. Charles Bruni, in the midst of my recovery process from an eating disorder and depression issues. I was sitting sobbing in his office one day, feeling like I wasn't making the progress I felt I should have made. He said something to me that day that I have never forgotten, and something that gave me great hope.

He said, "At some point, the draw of your future will become stronger than the pull of your past, and you'll be free."

What an awesome promise.

When you are fighting to break an addiction, or a bad habit, or letting go of a past relationship, job, season of life or any sort of trauma, this principle can be a life saver.

We have to do a certain amount of work to break free of our past. It generally doesn't 'just happen.' No matter what we are leaving behind - good or bad - there is a process of transition that is required.

Once we have done our 'work' and processed what needs to be processed, we are able to start to escape the bonds of our past, and be more fueled by the enticements of the future.

We can never be sure when we reach that tipping point, and when we are more likely to go forward than to slide back... but it will come, if we keep doing our part.

Keep plugging away and you'll get there.

I wish for you freedom from all in your past that you wish to be free from!